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Article Titles

An article title is always displayed on top of each article content. The title contains key words that define what is discussed in the article distinguishing it from the rest. The title of an article may simply be a description of a topic or maybe the name of the subject of the article.

The title should be descriptive enough, clear and accurate. This is because search engines assume that the title contains the key words for the whole article. They therefore weigh words appearing on the title more heavily than the body of the article. Crafting search engine friendly article title will greatly boost your article’s ranking thus attracting more traffic. It is usually necessary to add distinguishing words that ideally resembles titles for similar articles. The title should be short, unique and original.

An effective article title should have the following characteristics:

  1. Recognizable- the title should be descriptive enough to be understood by all.
  2. Natural- title speaks for the whole article and therefore its title should convey clear message of the subject matter.
  3. Precise- writer should avoid jargons on the title and should identify its subject that sets it apart from other articles.
  4. Concise- the title should contain unique features that distinguish it from other articles.
  5. Consistency- article’s title should be in line with other similar titles.

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