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Case Study

Case study can be defined as a process of observing events, decision, projects and people to analyze the patterns and causes of their behavior. It can also be defined as research tool that aids in determining peoples behavior under different circumstances.

We have different types of case study:

  • Explanatory- this kind of case study dos not need more research. It is simple and one can get information through simple observation.
  • Exploratory- this requires more research in order to come up with the required information.
  • Descriptive- this involves gathering the information and comparing with other theories.
  • Intrinsic- in this type of a case study those involved in gathering information have their personal interest to the results of the case.
  • Collective- This involves analyzing to understand how group affects individuals behavior.
  • Instrumental- In this type of case study individuals allows researcher to get information from them than they had expected. adopts the following methods of case study:

  • Prospective- this is where a researcher studies people to get specific results. For instance progression of a certain disease.
  • Retrospective- here a case study involves studying current situation by going back to history in determining its real cause or impact.

Our researchers use the following methods to gather information:

  • Direct observation-this is the easiest way since one only needs to simply study the subject matter in their habitat.
  • Interviews- this involves questioning a group or an individual in order to get the required information.
  • Documents- This involves studying written documents such as newspapers to collect data.
  • Archival records- one can collect information from recorded data on your subject matter such as census records. is highly trained to deliver the most successful case studies.