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Cover letter

A cover letter is a formal reference written to accompany your resume to potential employers and convince them on your capability. Cover letter should be crafted professionally in the best way possible. One should devote ample time and effort to writing a cover letter since it is the one that will give your first impression to your employer.

A cover letter does not re-state your resume; it compliments it by giving more information about you, by highlighting your skills that are relevant to he job you are applying for.

They are various types of cover letters;

  1. Application letter- this is a form of cover letter that addresses a known organization.
  2. Prospecting letter- it is crafted basically for enquiring on possible opportunities.
  3. Networking letter-it is crafted to mainly request for information and help in looking for a job.

Effective cover letters should be designed for a given purpose. It should outline your reasons for interest in a given organization and identify your expertise in the relevant field.

Cover letters helps introduce your resume, it should be able to:

  • outline your experiences in a story-like format that relates with the information provided in your resume
  • Allow you give more information on your skills and relate them to job requirements.
  • Build your expertise in the eyes of your employer.
  • Portray your written communication skills.

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