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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions that you should ask before ordering:

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    I want to save some money. Can you give me a discount?

    We understand that students may not have enough money at their disposal. We care for your welfare and so we charge affordable prices for our services. On top of that we have put up a flexible discount system that leaves you satisfied to the fullest. For more on our discount system visit our prices page on our site.

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    I want to pay for my order after it is delivered. Is it possible?

    We only offer pre-paid writing services. You pay for your order first and then the writer will start working as per the paper instructions. We guarantee you will a get quality paper that will meet and exceed your expectations. We trust in our writers' credibility and that’s why we are confident in asking for payment in advance.

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    If something goes wrong - is there any money back guarantee, for me to be sure that I can get a refund?

    We have the best team of professional writers and we guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Our writers follow your exact instructions to the point to ensure you get the best paper. In case of any problem with the paper we are always willing to revise your paper and make the required amendments for free. We have a dispute management department that resolves all the arising misunderstandings according to the company policy. We have a 100% money refund guarantee. However, this rarely happens since we strive to maintain the highest levels of quality to keep you satisfied.

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    What are the key principles of your pricing policy?

    We have clear pricing policy to ensure we meet your needs. We understand that most students may not be able to pay for writing services if prices are high, that’s why we set pocket friendly prices to make our services accessible even to those students who are not working. Our prices are based on 3 main principles; deadline, number of pages and academic level. We have a good discounting scheme and therefore, you can save a lot by using our services.

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    Is there a possibility of plagiarism in the order?

    Our writers' deliver 100% original paper, they are highly trained and have wide range of experience to deliver unique papers that will meet the set standards. We have come up with a plagiarism checking system to ensure that the content of your paper is of the highest quality and not copy pasted. Our writers always use the requested referencing styles and appropriate citations to avoid plagiarism.

    You should note that if you want your paper to be proofread or re-written, your initial paper should be plagiarism-free.

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    Is there a possibility of plagiarism in the order?

    Our writers' deliver 100% original paper, they are highly trained and have wide range of experience to deliver unique contents that will keep you ahead of your competitors. We have come up with plagiarism checking system to ensure your content is of the highest quality and not copy pasted. Our writers always cite references to their work incase there is any.

    You should note that if you want your paper to be proofread or re-written, your initial paper should be non-plagiarized.

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    Can I be sure that the paper I will receive is not pre-written? strives to deliver uniquely written papers. Our writers start working on your paper from scratch. Therefore we guarantee you an original paper that will help you achieve you academic goals and aspirations.

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    If I need my paper in APA format, can you do you that?

    We format your paper according to your instructions. It can be in; MLA, APA, HARVARD and others. If you don’t want any of the formats your paper will be written in 12pt font, times new roman, double spaced with 1 inch margins. A page contains an average of 275words.

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    When can I expect my paper to be completed?

    We have varying deadline options. Payments will depend on the time you give us to complete your work. The more time you give us the lower the payment will be for that specific paper. This will also give you more time to request for revisions if necessary. This will ensure you get a quality paper that meets your academic needs.

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    How can I attach additional materials to my order?

    After filling all the required information on your order form, you will have access to your personal control panel. You will be able to communicate to your writer and upload the required files to the writer. Remember the effectiveness in the completion of your paper will depend on the information you give to your writer. Therefore, it is good to include as many details as possible.

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    In what way do I receive my order?

    You can receive your order in two ways. You first receive it in a preview form, where the writer completes the paper and sends it to you. At this point you cannot download it but can be able to view it and review it to determine areas that need some amendments.

    If you are not satisfied with the paper after viewing it, you can ask for a revision and give the writer some time to complete the revision. In case you are satisfied, you are supposed to click ‘approve’ button. After approving your paper, you will now receive it in ms word version where you can now download and use it as you wish. For more on this please visit our site and view our revision policy.

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    If I want my paper to be written by the best of your writers, what should I do?

    We give you an opportunity to choose between 3 options, you can either choose; any writer, top writer or your previous writer. It is advisable to choose top writer to be sure of the quality of your paper. Our writers are highly trained and have vast experience in writing; we guarantee you will get a quality paper that will meet your expectations. We are the best in the market and we can assure students that our writing services will boost your academic performance.

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    "TOP priority customer service" - what does it mean? Why should I choose it?

    It is advisable to choose this option especially if you want your order to draw maximum attention from our support team. Choosing this option will enable you to receive first priority whenever you have an enquiry and that you will always be aware of your papers' progress. You will receive notifications concerning your order progress to enable you track the whole process.

    We have set aside appropriate measures to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. We protect our clients against fraud and loss.

Current clients ask (after ordering)

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    I forgot my password! How can I log in?

    At times clients may forget their password. In case of this we have a 'forgot your password' option that is available on our website. All you have to do is to type your email account and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

    If this doesn’t work our support staff is always there to help. We offer 24/7 customer support services.

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    Who will be assigned to complete my order?

    We have qualified writers who have the capability to work on your paper in the best way possible. Our writers have the required academic qualifications and are highly trained to handle even the most complex tasks. They are reliable, loyal, and experts who deliver exceptionally good papers.

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    I need to be sure that my writer understands all the instructions. How can I contact him/her?

    We understand the importance of effective communication. To enhance communication between our clients and the writer we have developed a messaging system. You only have to log into your account at and you will find ‘message’ section where you can either communicate your concerns to the support staff or to the writer.

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    When will you deliver my paper to my account at your website?

    We deliver your order within the specified time in our agreement. It is advisable to give longer deadlines to help you save more money and also give the writer an opportunity to complete your revision if required.

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    The writer is late with my order. What is my next step?

    If a writer delays your order contact our support staff. We will be able to contact the writer via phone. In case of any problem we will assign your work to another qualified writer who will ensure you get your work on time. If the deadline has already expired the price will be calculated according to the delivery time. For more info please check our money back guarantee.

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    Can I ask for my papers' revision incase of dissatisfaction?

    In case of dissatisfaction with the paper, you can ask for revision by clicking 'send for revision' button. You should give clear details for revision and tell us the time in which you need it to be completed. Our writer will ensure your paper will be completed in an excellent way and that it meets all your expectations.

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    I know that Abstract is very important for the paper's success. Can I be sure that it is professionally written?

    Our company has good track record. We are known to deliver the best papers that keep our customers fully satisfied. In case you need an abstract for your work you can simply click on 'add abstract page to my paper' and leave the rest to us. We will ensure you receive top quality service that will meet and exceed your expectations. strives to ensure our students get the best papers for their academic needs. We ensure they get commendable papers that will captivate their tutors to the last paragraph, keeping them ahead of other students. Visit our website for this and much more.

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I was supposed to submit my essay in two days time. I was so stressed and did not know what to do to meet such deadline and attain good grade. I dint even know how to write it. But showed me everything and I now understand the importance of getting a professional help and how easy it is to get quality paper. Thanks a lot.
Eva | Alabama
All my professors’ instructions were clearly followed and all requirements observed. Your work was exceptionally amazing and I look forward to work with you always. You are the best.
Chris | UK
I fell in love with your outstanding website. At first I was not sure of whether to try your services or not. But later I realized you are the best one could ever get. I have heard of so many dishonest services and complains but with you I have never experienced any of that. Your assignments are always ready in time ad of top quality.
Lisa | Idaho

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