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Marketing plan

Marketing plan is a document that acts as a blueprint of how business marketing strategies can be implemented. Marketing plan states how a company can sell its good and services to gain competitive advantage over their competitors.

A good marketing plan should address customers to be served, how to meet their needs and the type of technology to be adopted. Business plan involves strategizing on how a company can easily achieve its objectives. Business plan focuses much on financial goals to be attained by an organization in a given flame of time.

Marketing plan calls for extensive research in order to compile important information required for effective implementation of marketing strategies. Companies should analyze their internal and external environments in order to know their weaknesses and strengths. This will give them a competitive edge amongst their competitors.

Marketing plan consists of organizations visions. The future of all organizations lies in the visions which make strategies implementation easy.

Marketing plan can follow the following procedure;

  1. Analysis of internal and external environment- this includes the study of internal factors such as machinery, quality of the products and many more. External factors include competitors, legislation, political, economic growth and many more.
  2. Analysis of company’s current marketing trends- this helps an organization know areas that requires review and some amendments.
  3. Analysis of organizations marketing system- this may include study of organizations overall marketing strategies adopted and its objectives that drives it.
  4. Analyze all marketing activities- this will give organizations an opportunity decide on the best strategies to adopt in order to get the expected results.
  5. 7Ps- this stands for price, physical environment, product, place, process and people. This can help in analyzing all the areas in order to come up with a plan. is the best in developing effective plans. Our writers are highly trained to deliver excellent business plan that will boost organizational performance keeping you ahead of your counter parts.