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Multiple Questions

Multiple questions are commonly used by tutors to evaluate students' academic strengths and weaknesses. Multiple questions are the most challenging to many students even if they are familiar to them. Most tutors prefer this method because it makes students' grading easier and its ability to test their thinking skills.

Multiple questions is an assessment where students are required to select an answer of their choice from given list. This format is commonly used in marketing research or academic testing, persons are asked to choose between multiple options.

Multiple questions consists a set of options where the respondent is expected to draw the appropriate answer from. Mostly respondents are asked to complete an incomplete question and give the key answer. In this format only one answer can be correct.

Multiple questions content may include different items to be studied such as a graph or a case study detailed to contain several elements. Multiple questions contain explanation on how the respondent is expected to answer.

Multiple-choice questions have the following benefits:

  • Quality multiple questions can make assessment of the students easy and effective.
  • Clear instructions concerning the format and its functioning can improve test results.
  • It can improve multiple questions reliability by sampling good questions for a certain test.
  • Multiple questions needs less time to draft thus improving evaluation process.
  • It is a cost effective format since its assessment is purely based on respondents' selection which does not require any assessment tool.
  • Multiple questions format is clear enough and does not call for tutors' interpretation.

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