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Recommendation letter

Recommendation letter is a written reference that assesses qualities, character and capabilities of an individual. Its gives information on person’s ability to perform specific tasks and functions. Recommendation letters are usually related to jobs, admission to learning institutions and scholarship eligibility, employment and many more.

Recommendation letters are always very specific in nature. They are mostly crafted only when required and are addressed to individuals.

To come up with an effective recommendation letter, one should follow the following steps;

  1. Use formal language-recommendation letter is similar to other formal letters an should therefore follow general rules of formal writing. Ie format the letter head as required.
  2. Start writing your letter with a clear introduction of how you know the person and how you met. Give clear information about yourself.
  3. Be specific on candidates' qualifications- give specific details on candidate achievements.
  4. Create clear comparisons- to clearly show candidates accomplishments compare the candidate’s achievements with those of the rest.
  5. No exaggerations- avoid praising your candidate so much avoiding making them look plausible. This can also give them hard time once they join that institution. They may not be able to reach the set goals.
  6. Your letter should neither be so brief nor vague. Clear information will make your recommendation letter be more effective.
  7. Keep your letter active by affirming candidates character in each paragraph has the best recommendation letter writers. They all posses unique skills with wide range of experience to ensure you get the best.